Kids preheaven Wuji Taiji Quan

                                                                  by Master Feng Mei, 04/05/2014

Face south stand


1, Wuji Zhuang both hands hold lower Dantian be quiet a while.

2, Power, both hands up and down, indicate the sky and the earth be created by god.

3, Power, both hands open and close, indicate the water and fire be created by god.

4, Power, both hands open tilt right, right hand high, left hand low, indicate the wind and thunder created by god.

5, Power, both hands open tilt left, right hand low, left hand high, indicate the mountain and lake created by god.

6, Power, Lie(flash shoulder like spread a fan) to south up indicate the Sky up.

7, Left turn body to north Cai(needle to the bottom of sea) indicate the earth down.

8, Right turn body Pi(hold a pipa) indicate the fire on east.

9, Right turn body single hand An(brush knee to push hand) indicate the water on west. 

10, Left turn north east Peng(part the wild horse's mane) indicate the thunder spring.

11, Right turn south east Ji(cross hands to squeeze) indicate the Lake summer.

12, Right turn south west Kao(right shoulder against) indicate the wind Fall.

13, Right turn north west Zhou(elbow against) indicate the Mountain winter.

Back to Wuji Zhuang both hands hold lower Dantian.


Preheaven Taiji is talking about the god created the world original pure energy condition, very good for kids to practice.